Google defamation letter (concerns notice – combo pack)


These are example letters to use if some person has made defamatory comments about your business through Google Reviews. You can use these to help you demand that Google take the reviews down and that the person cease making defamatory comments about you, apologise, retract the statements and potentially pay compensation.

This letter is based on the law of NSW.

You will need to collect evidence of the defamatory review.

Once you have set out all of the defamatory comments, you will need to identify the loss suffered.  The loss could be a loss of reputation, or a loss in business income.

This is an example only and may not be appropriate for your personal circumstances.  This example comes with 15 minutes of free advice from Adam Ahmed & Co lawyers.  If you wish to claim your free 15 minutes please call 02 7200 8200.


There are three parts to this guide:

    • Requesting a review removal through your Google Business Account
    • Template letter to Google regarding defamatory publication in their search engine
    • Template letter to the person making the defamatory comments to cease and desist
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