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If you’re looking for a website that can give you simple, easy to understand legal information on a range of topics, then this is the place for you. This site covers a range of Australian laws – business laws, debt laws, property laws, wills and estates, family law, defamation law, liquidation and insolvency and tax law. No matter how it may seem, you have rights. We’re here to help.

The key to resolving any dispute is knowing where you stand and then making a decision based on accurate information.

Usually the hardest part is working out where you stand so you can make a sound decision.

Know the Law – Australian’s Source of Legal Advice Online. It doesn’t matter if its a tax issue or dispute, a commercial law or contracts issue, a business issue, family law (including divorce, custody, wills), a property dispute, an issue on employment law, insolvency, migration, asset protection or defamation.  The whole wide range of laws come down to one principle:  know where you stand first and then make a sound decision found that foundation.

This means working out what your rights are, who to call, or what to read.  Everyone seems to be an expert and there is always someone out there who speaks with great confidence but doesn’t know what they are doing.  Its hard to find the right answer or know if what you are looking at is right.

We are hoping that the information we provide on this website helps you work out where you stand, or at least puts you on the right track.  Be it an issue with the ATO, the OSR (Revenue NSW or the state revenue office of any state), a commercial dispute, debt recovery dispute with a creditor or debtor, an issue with a liquidator who is probably chasing you for a payment of some kind, it doesn’t matter.

We are always happy to recommend lawyers and other professionals if you need help – tax lawyers, commercial lawyers, insolvency lawyers, family lawyers, property lawyers, wills lawyers, migration lawyers, accountants – in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or national.  We have a broad network developed over decades of collective practice.

At the end of the day, the only way to get through a situation is to know where you stand and what your options are.

Know the law

What are people doing about their crypto gains?

If you’ve made a gain on crypto, you might be wondering what your options and possibilities are. In this third part of our four-part series, our tax law specialist, Adam Ahmed, discusses the most frequently asked questions for crypto gains.  Question 1: Is inflation taken...

Tax Options for Bitcoin Losses

If you’ve made a loss on crypto, you might be wondering where that leaves you in regards to your tax position. Since Bitcoin was found by the AAT to not be a foreign currency, as we discussed in the first article of this series here, it is generally treated similarly to shares...

Paying Tax on Bitcoin: The Case

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal’s recent decision to a court case we ran against the ATO has significant consequences on the tax status of Bitcoin. In the first article of this four part series, we explain the crux of the case, summarise our submissions and lay out the...

How to Prepare for a Payment Plan

Setting up a payment plan with the ATO is one of your best options if you have been or are unable to meet your tax obligations on time. If you opt to ignore it instead, the ATO may enforce action against you which has a high chance of leaving you in a worse position. A...

How ATO Super Penalties Work

Employers may face a 200% penalty rate + interest for late or unfulfilled superannuation contributions. Although this has been the case for years, the ATO previously had adopted a lenient and forgiving approach. In many cases, where the employer had fulfilled the required...

ATO Audit: What to expect and what you can do about it

The tax auditing process can seem to be wildly complicated and daunting. Things may seem even more difficult if you end up needing to dispute results. However, you can set yourself up for a straightforward and successful process by gaining an understanding of how the ATO...

Do you really have to pay GST to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) on LVIG (Low Value Imported Goods

If you are from outside of Australia and running a website or otherwise sending goods to Australia, you might need to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST). In the last couple of years (from 1 July 2018) the Australian Government changed the law so that goods worth less than $1000 that...

We’re beating the ATO in Court on Jobkeeper and Cash Flow Boost

The ATO has been setting their own policy on the cash flow boost which is different to the law. When the rubber hits the road, the Courts will apply the law instead of the ATO policy (which is not the law). There is hope if you think that you qualify but the ATO policy says...

ATO wants you to pay back Jobkeeper or cash flow boost?

We’re starting to see people being asked to pay back the Jobkeeper or cash flow boost they received. Often this is after they’ve spent the money, and its putting them in a real bind. But you may not have to, because the ATO is getting the law wrong a lot (because its new, there are...

ATO wants you to pay back the cash flow boost?

A lot of people have had trouble getting their cash flow boost. When they finally do, the ATO sometimes changes its mind and asks them to pay it back. Its happening now. Here is a video on what you can do if the ATO wants you to pay the cash flow boost back. We have a...

5 Tips for dealing with easement requests by a developer (section 88K of the Conveyancing Act)

Has a neighbour approached you with a request that you agree to grant an easement, perhaps to run drainage through or drive over, over your land? If so, it is essential that know what your rights are, now and into the future. Your $$$$$$ compensation In most instances, you have...

Cash flow boost refused? Video on what to do

Top tax lawyer gives 3 tips on what to do if your cash flow boost has been refused or isn’t coming through: Hope this video helps. Best of luck! Contact number is 02 7200 8200 and email is if you need it